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Need some really inspiring and romantic ideas to melt your lover? See the future!

Experts share their best advice on amazing dating ideas for couples that are warming up the relationship.

No matter how long you’ve been with your child, it takes work to maintain the passion and spark in the relationship. To strengthen your relationship, you need creative romantic ideas to regularly dine and text with the other person.

It’s a good idea to plan dates and put them on the calendar ahead of time to avoid last minute omissions.

Brighten up with these exciting ideas for a romantic date night for married couples!

1. Unique ideas for a romantic date

Everyone has their own unique ideas about the things that make them feel special.

Here are some ideas:

  • Some like to dress up for a romantic dinner at a big city restaurant.
  • Surprise with something from the graph such as overnighting or riding can attract others.
  • And there are those who might like smaller but intimate gestures like a picnic on the living room floor by candlelight.
  • In the late afternoon it could be a nature walk, through the forest, around lakes or other places with a view of the map.

No matter what the actual date looks like, it will be successful if they both feel special, priority, and cared for in some way.

It may be helpful to ask what your partner or love interest might consider romantic. Remember that people feel love in different ways.

Lisa Brooks Kift, Marriage and Family Therapy

2. Be consistent

Ah, romantic, remember when you two had that?

Often, over time, we get distracted from life, we relax in our lives, and we fall into a rut.

Here are my best proven romantic date ideas for couples to bring back the passion they had when they fell in love.

After more than 20 years together, my husband and I have kept the love alive by making a week for one a priority.

Here are the best romantic tips for couples:

  • take the music : music is powerful. Make a playlist just for the two of you. This will set the mood and become a secret message between the two of you. The moment my husband plays a song from our playlist, I instantly smile and think of our dates!
  • getting out of the house: Even for an hour, leave the house together once a week. After a long work day, it’s hard to stop and focus on romance at home with all the distractions.
  • Go back to where you started: When you’ve been together for a while, you can easily get into a rut. Let your task be to think of ways to “remember when” and bring the spark back.
  • Repeat the first meetings: Do you want to remember how good it was before? Repeat a few past dates and remind yourself of the happy times.
  • be a tourist: See the location together in your city – try walking, biking and even scooter tours. Groupon is a great place for local ideas and discounts. Each city has a history and events that locals often forget or never know.
  • Go on a happy ride: Do you want diversity? Visit Happy Hours all over the city. Try a different place to eat each week or find a favorite and order something new each time.
  • Attend concerts: Relive that feeling of love by remembering your favorite bands from the past. Too many teams have come together or have never stopped touring.
  • start your game: Bowling, mini golf, swimming in the pool and rock climbing are just a few ideas for adventures that are not only for teens and twenties, but will definitely make you feel plus they are great for enabling conversation.
  • Golf cart ride:There’s just something romantic about a light golf course – it’s beautiful, open and serene – perfect for romance.

Victoria Michaels Rogers, Love and Life Coach ”  ”


There is evidence to support the fact that working together on new things and sharing adventures release feel-good chemicals like oxytocin, which are associated with greater feelings of happiness and excitement.

Here are some ideas:

  • Wine or brewery tasting
  • Hiking, rock climbing, and anything with a view of nature would do just fine!
  • Cooking time, paints, ceramics – messy hands.
  • Visit a farm market or street fair in a part of town you haven’t been together before.
  • Free concerts in the garden

These are just a few ideas to get you started.

The goal is to provide uninterrupted free time spent on mobile, and to remind your partner of how fun, exciting and happy both of you are to be in each other’s life.


Dana McNeill, MA, LMFT

4. Plan a small overnight vacation

Plan a short overnight vacation

One of my favorite things is staying in a hotel with dinner and drinks on hand.

It’s especially great for couples with kids, but really for any couple. Ideally, the hotel should not be in the area where you live.

It gives him a sense of absence.

The style, ambiance and decor of the hotel are also different from the usual home or places.

  • It’s always nice to spend time with everything apart. Even on a day or weekend.
  • I am a fan of two workshops or retreats. Recently, my husband and I spent Saturday and Sunday during the day at a couples workshop. The days focused on strengthening the relationship and intimacy. After the lecture, we walked around the city every day and dined in a quiet and romantic place. It was great.
  • In the summer I also like to take a walk in nature, it’s just the two of us.
  • Bar jumping is fun and can be an adventure.

Irina Feierstein, LCSV

Final Subtraction

While these date night ideas are great for bringing the excitement back into your relationship, it takes patience, dedication, and creativity to build a deep relationship with your spouse.

It would be a great idea to put some spontaneity into your nighttime outings and not let too much stress and planning turn you into a nervous wreck.

The idea is to show your husband a good time and let them know they are not being overtaken because your life just happened to both of you!

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