If you are getting braces to straighten your crooked or full teeth, then you need to take care of the orthodontic appliance just like your teeth. Poor dental hygiene during orthodontic treatment can ruin the appearance of the teeth and can prolong the length of treatment.

It will be very difficult to clean the teeth after wearing the braces. The small space between the wire will increase the time of the food stuck in those spaces. If stuck food is not properly removed, it will lead to cavities, plaque build-up, and other dental problems.

It is necessary to maintain and maintain the cleanliness of the orthodontic equipment. In this post, important orthodontic care tips to follow during treatment are presented.

Brush after every meal

Brush after every meal

You don’t need to brush poorly while wearing dental braces. Teeth cleaning is much more important during this period than on normal days. Because it’s difficult to remove plaque and other particles stuck in the plaque, you should brush your teeth after each meal and if possible after each meal.

When brushing teeth, keep the brush at 45 degrees to the neck area. It will help you properly clean the teeth under the metal wires.

Cleaning your mouth includes brushing your teeth once a day and rinsing your mouth with mouthwash. Remember to brush and floss your teeth gently. If you brush your teeth too hard with a toothbrush, it can damage the chain.

Maintain an Orthodontic Diet

You should avoid certain foods when you use orthodontic appliances. The main reason is that hard and complex foods will damage the braces. Likewise, sticky foods stick to metal wires and screens. This will change the shape of the orthodontic appliance on the teeth.

When the denture is damaged or loose, you need to replace it with a new one. This is the most expensive orthodontic treatment and requires you to wear a mouth guard for a long time.

To avoid those negative effects, make a diet plan with foods and nutrients recommended by your Orthodontist.

Cover the mouthguard while playing

Mouthguards also help to protect our teeth by preventing braces from throwing teeth into the right position. If you are an athlete or have braces for your child, then you will need mouth guards that are available at the dentist’s office where braces are available.

Get regular Orthodontic check-ups

Visiting your orthodontist regularly will help you check the brace and make adjustments if necessary.

Damaged immune systems expose you to serious health risks. For example, if the metal wire in the cord is damaged or loosened, it will enter the throat when you breathe. Likewise, the sharp edges of the blades cut into soft tissues such as the tongue, cheeks inside the mouth.

So it is important to visit your orthodontist at regular intervals of braces maintenance. It helps you identify and fix the dentist quickly.

Don’t use your teeth as a biting tool

Some people are used to using their teeth to open bottles, remove knots in rope and other activities. Similarly, there are few common ones such as biting nails, pencil edges, pencil caps, refrigerators.

Do you know how to cut teeth into pieces? If you have dental plaque on your teeth, biting on those hard objects with your teeth will also damage the dental appliance. So you don’t have to do those things while keeping the teeth in your mouth.

The end

Straightening teeth with dental braces will help you get rid of full teeth and prevent aesthetic and dental problems. If you need Invisalign to straighten your teeth, cleaning and eating are not a problem because you can remove the clear aligners whenever you want.

In the case of metal braces, you need to take some actions and habits to protect the dentist.

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