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In today’s world, where we see so much negativity in our everyday life, it is important to remember that the more you focus on your health and happiness, the happier you will feel. If you want to improve yourself, there are plenty of things you can do to get better. It doesn’t matter what age, body size, or gender you are; all you need is determination and the will to put one step after another until you reach your goal, and now we share with you 9 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE

1. Eat Good Food

Some people say good food is an easy thing to cook, but eating well shouldn’t be hard either. The fact is cooking healthy meals at home is a really great way to improve your diet and reduce the chances of you becoming overweight. You don’t need too many ingredients, just make sure you’re giving your family your best, and don’t forget to add loads of extra veggies and other healthy goodies! Most importantly, you should never skip breakfast in order not to eat as little during the day. Make it as quick and nutritious as possible, and when you’re sitting down for lunch or dinner, you won’t even notice it’s gone!

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2. Get Moving

Doing exercise just makes you feel healthier and happier. There is no benefit in getting up early every morning to run around from room to room in circles. But if you want to make positive changes in your lifestyle, don’t wait until the weekend to start doing these workouts. Just walking thirty minutes every day is enough to burn off about 500 kilos! Try to include some sort of cardio into your workout on any given day. Running, cycling and swimming are excellent choices, especially as they help you burn fat without needing supplements or equipment outside yourself. For example, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity each week. This means going for walks, gardening, hiking or running up and down stairs instead of running them straight in! So try and take short breaks between exercise whenever possible.

3. Meditate

When it comes to improving your physical health, meditation is your golden ticket. One of the most efficient ways to relax the mind is to practice deep breathing techniques. Sitting with your breath will provide relief wherever you are. Not only will this benefit physical health, but it will also reduce stress levels and increase productivity! Meditation has been shown to bring balance to everything from mood to sleep patterns. Plus, regular meditators report a 50% increased chance of falling asleep faster and maintaining consistent hours. Sounds amazing right? We know it might sound like overkill to begin when you’re busy working full-time. However, with consistency, starting small and building on your practice over time, this technique can prove very beneficial. And don’t worry; you can still practice meditation anywhere you go; try taking ten minutes out of every hour to sit quietly for just five minutes! There is something truly magical about deep breathing techniques, and they can completely change how you think and react. Meditation also gives you control over your thoughts, which helps reduce unwanted anxiety and phobias. It is proven to cure certain illnesses such as epilepsy and stress disorders, so don’t let fear of failure keep you from trying meditation!

4. Find A Hobby That Makes You Smile

When we are happy, we look forward to things. And if you find joy in anything, you are almost guaranteed to feel healthier and happier! Laughter is contagious, and the happier you become, the more likely others will join in on your fun. Laughing releases endorphins, which elevate our mood and enhance feelings of wellbeing. Whether it’s spending evenings with friends playing board games, joining an improv club or watching funny TV shows. Whatever you choose to spend your free time on, take the opportunity to laugh and enjoy it! This can lead to greater confidence and self-esteem. Remember though, laughing too often or too much may cause you to lose your sense of humour, since laughter is contagious. But if you find joy in being silly, then why not embrace it? Nothing beats feeling happy! Also, while you laugh, you can keep an eye on those around you. Watch out for signs of illness or unhappiness and make sure you aren’t hurting anyone. After all, laughter is medicine!

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5. Read Something New Every Day

Reading something new every day means you’re meeting new people and learning about different cultures and different perspectives. Because you never know what will come out of someone else’s mouth, you might learn something new. Even when reading a book, look at it from different angles. Look inside the pages, listen to the characters’ inner monologues, observe the actions of the protagonists and empathise with the story. While reading is exciting, reading something different every day will be even more enriching. You will learn about various topics and expand your knowledge base. Reading keeps your brain stimulated, promotes creativity and enhances memory retention. So go ahead and read something exciting and interesting, whether it’s a novel, autobiography, biography, memoir or poetry!

6. Do Activities That Will Bring Out The Natural Beauty Of Yourself

No matter what size you are now, there are always activities you can do that will improve your appearance. From using hair extensions to trimming your nails, from doing makeup and applying lip balm to adding new accessories to your outfit, doing activities that will make your skin glow is a no-brainer. No matter where you live, the sun is still shining and so is your health. Therefore, make sure to invest as much time as you can in enjoying the beauty of your own face and body. Being fit doesn’t mean having thin muscles and looking a little worn out either; in fact, it can be quite the opposite. By exercising regularly your muscles will become stronger and fitter, and your joints will thank you with less pain. Exercising also improves circulation to the heart and lungs, making you feel fuller and more energised throughout the day. Take advantage of these benefits and you’ll see instant improvements in your appearance in no time!

7. Practice Mindfulness Through Yoga

Mindfulness is the act of observing and paying attention to the present moment. Simply put, mindfulness involves noticing feelings, thoughts and sensations without judging them or judging ourselves. Practicing mindfulness can help reduce feelings of stress, anxiety and depression, as well as reduce symptoms of ADHD. Studies have shown that practicing mindful techniques such as deep breathing or listening to music produces lasting effects. If you are struggling with distractions for whatever reason, yoga may be exactly what you need! During mindfulness sessions, sit back, close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose and observe your surroundings. Focus on the breathing and the sounds of nature, without letting your mind wander. Be aware of your feet hitting the floor as you walk and the rhythm of your steps. Is there anything that stands out? Are you feeling anxious at the thought? Pay attention to your body, and note down the sensations you notice. Once you complete the session, you will gain more awareness of your thoughts, emotions and feelings. Learning to be more conscious of your experiences will benefit your health and help you to understand and accept them, rather than dismissing them.

8. Have Fun With Friends & Family

Relationships are essential to the overall quality of life, and social gatherings are particularly important for relationships. Since happy relationships contribute hugely to the overall happiness quotient of an individual, it is advised to make the effort to attend parties and events as often as possible. However, it is important to make an effort to meet people that keep you around longer in your life. Having fun is part of living comfortably in this ever-changing world, and having a wide circle of friends provides you with support from your side to fight against adversity in your personal life. Invite your friends to parties, host events that involve sharing experiences and ideas. They could show you some new dishes to try. Host your own events and invite lots of friends to share your hobbies and interests. Don’t forget to consider hiring an event planner to help plan and organise your parties and gatherings. Planning and organising your first party won’t give you a second chance at success, but being able to have fun while experiencing it doesn’t hurt! Also, always make sure to ask everyone’s permission before inviting anyone over or allowing children to come over to play. Children have their likes and dislikes, and it is advisable you follow suit for everything from your kids to grandchildren.

9. Share Your Story

If you are comfortable speaking openly about something, you should be. Everyone loves hearing another person’s story, and it can be extremely inspiring. Talking about your past, fears, traumas or achievements is a wonderful experience that will inspire you to overcome the challenges you’ve faced. Sharing your story as much as possible will have a tremendous impact on how you live your daily lives and make you feel better about life in general! Start by exploring your memories and how significant they were in shaping you up so far. Then, move onto talking through your feelings and the challenges you overcame along the way. Don’t be afraid to share your deepest secrets because they are meant to be shared. Making art has been proven to enhance your mental health, as does writing poetry or finding creative outlets to express your thoughts and feelings. Write down what resonates with you by penning letters, poems or journal entries. Spend time writing about your successes and failures as this will allow you to reminisce and reflect

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