Flexible and versatile, aluminum foil is one of the elements often found in kitchens. It is indeed very useful for packaging and maintaining the temperature of food, but its performance does not stop there. It is a tool of choice that helps us to concoct tasty dishes and even to clean certain utensils more easily. Let’s discover together the little-known uses of aluminum foil.
How to steam with aluminum foil?
Other uses for aluminum foil at home
In our daily life, we have many ways of cooking food. We can, for example, use the hob, the oven, the fryer and many other devices. Each procedure imparts different flavors and textures to surprise the palate and dazzle the taste buds. Without a doubt, steam cooking remains the healthiest, the one that best respects the freshness and taste of food, giving pride of place to all their beneficial properties for health. By avoiding oil and butter, the food then produces its own fat, which is necessarily healthier for the body.

True, there are various steamers, but let’s face it, they are not very economical and often take up a lot of space in the kitchen. That’s why we offer you a very interesting alternative using only 3 ingredients: water, aluminum foil and a lid. Combined with a shallow frying pan, they will allow you to make healthy and succulent recipes.

Quickly discover all the ingenious tricks to practice with aluminum foil!

How to steam with aluminum foil?
boule aluminium

Aluminum foil – Source: spm
With a few scoops of aluminum foil , some water and a lid, you can cook your food quickly and in a very healthy way. From vegetables to fish, everything is allowed.


When cooking food, it is best to keep the foil side shiny on the inside. As it is smoother, the shiny part adheres less to the food, which prevents the crust of the roast from sticking to the paper. Not to mention that you can cook food faster because the shiny part reflects heat better, preventing it from evaporating too quickly.

Instructions: cut 3 slices of aluminum foil to make large balls. Place them on a deep skillet. Prepare your fish, put it on a plate and place it directly on the 3 balls. Add water to the pan, close with a lid and cook for 5-7 minutes. Then collect your fish and you will find that it is perfectly steamed. Season it and go to the tasting!

You may not know this, but wrapping fruit in foil helps you keep it much longer, even out of the fridge . Think about it for the banana, for example, which spoils too quickly. The important thing is to make sure that you have wrapped all the fruit well in the aluminum foil, so that no part comes into contact with the environment.

NB : How to freeze food more efficiently? It is advisable to keep the shiny side of the aluminum foil on the outside, because if the freezer is open, it may reflect the heat.

papier aluminium

Aluminum foil – Source: spm
Other uses for aluminum foil at home
You can also use aluminum foil to clean your kitchen utensils. Simply form a ball with this paper and use it to clean the various dirty elements.
If you place sheets of aluminum foil under the legs of furniture , it will be much easier to move them.
You won’t believe it, but this material can also be used to clean objects or to sharpen scissors. For this, it is enough to fold a sheet into eight layers and cut it.
It will also be very convenient to clean the bottom of the iron by combining it with a little salt. As a bonus, to shorten the ironing process, wrap the iron in aluminum foil. Amazing result!

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