Most people are curious about the busy daily schedules of successful people and wonder how they spend their working hours to reach success, but what about the ways in which they spend their free time? There is no doubt that knowing how successful people spend their free time is just as important as knowing what they do in their busy time!


What exactly is free time?

Each of us has his own busy daily tasks, which differ from person to person according to the nature of each person’s work, role and lifestyle. Every time we spend away from work, study, housework, or education, as well as necessary activities like eating and sleeping, is free time that should be utilized.

In other words, free time is any period of time during which you do not make any effort or do productive work that will bring you profit. However, free time can be turned into periods that are more useful, productive, and even entertaining at the same time.

How to take advantage of free time and get rid of boredom

You probably always ask yourself the most common question among people: “How do I spend my free time?”

You are not alone in this, as most people do not know how to spend their free time effectively, they often rest, sleep or visit recreational places to pass the time. The activities described in this article can help you connect, have fun with friends, and increase productivity. Try to incorporate these activities into your life to become happy and productive.

But remember, everyone works differently and approaches opportunities around them differently, so making the best use of your free time depends on you, your work style, and what’s on your to-do list. 

Here are 15 ways to use free time, suitable for everyone, regardless of their style and nature of life. Where you can get rid of boredom and use your free time to make a positive change in your life. 

1- Exercising regularly

Sport – even if it’s just a brisk 5-minute walk on the road – is a great way to use your free time and a very important way to increase your overall mental and physical health. After your workout, you’ll feel energized, healthy, and ready to spend the rest of the day full of energy, instead of sitting on the couch in front of the TV and ending up feeling lethargic and sluggish for the rest of the day.

You can spend an hour in your daily or weekend free time to energize your body, increase your energy, increase your brain activity, stay fit, build muscle, burn calories, and de-stress. If all of that isn’t enough to motivate you to exercise, do it simply because it will make you feel a lot better overall.

Sure, regular workouts are great and effective, especially if you work in a busy work environment, but even if you use your free time to exercise sporadically, you’ll still look good and feel energized when you have a busy schedule.

2- Rearrange the house

There is no doubt that home is the most comfortable place where we feel when we do not have work, so you must make your home always a source of comfort for you. There’s no denying that the popular saying that “a tidy home is a happy home” is very true, so make sure you arrange your home in the way that makes you feel as comfortable as possible. 

You can use your free time to tidy up your things and clean your room, and make this a permanent habit of yours. Even if you only have 30 minutes, you still use that small budget of time to quickly tidy up your house .

3- Read useful and interesting things

Reading is fun and rewarding, and there is no doubt that successful people keep reading new books and materials in various scientific fields. Reading can help you gain a better understanding of the world around you, as well as acquire new skills that will further aid your personal growth. This will broaden your perspective and give you something to talk about during those meetings with friends and co-workers.

Moreover, reading reduces stress, stimulates the brain, provides you with knowledge, improves your memory, helps increase concentration, creates better writing skills, and of course, offers free entertainment no matter how long you choose. So be wise and start using your free time from now on to read and learn.

Do you feel that you are not a fan of reading? Or you do not have enough time for her no matter how hard you try? Here  are 12 effective ways to make time for reading and studying!

4- Participate in volunteer activities

If you have enough knowledge or skills to use it to serve your community? Why not consider volunteering?

Unlike most other activities that you can engage in during your spare time, which often benefit you and only you, volunteering helps you and the community members.

You can spend time working for an organization, mentoring other young people with your expertise, or even doing service activities such as distributing food and clothes to those in need. There is no doubt that you will go a long way while trying to improve the lives of the community around you, but it is certain that you will feel happy in the process. Volunteering will provide a great networking experience and introduce you to many people who may in turn help you in the future.

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5- Enjoy your hobbies

It is important to have hobbies that you do some time in once in a while, as these hobbies can help you rejuvenate your energy and reduce stress in your life. You will also be able to build skills that could be an important enabler in your career.

Not only that, the hobby can also provide a great networking platform if you do it with others.

6- Make a delicious meal

You can pick up a trusted cookbook, find a new recipe online, or even cook or bake something completely new and unique. This is a great way to use your free time productively, and you will end up with a delicious meal to eat when you are done.

Even if you are not a very good cook or you don’t have any cooking experience, experience will definitely help you discover whether or not cooking is something you enjoy. With time, your cooking can turn into a hobby or a habit you practice permanently in your spare time.

7- Spend time with friends

Do you know someone you always tell them you should go out for coffee or lunch sometime, but it never happens? Or maybe you met someone new this week and thought to yourself that you would like to get to know them better? 

There is no better time than now to do that! Use your free time to spend quality time with your friends that it’s been a long time since you’ve met. This will not only help you to enjoy the company of your companions, but will also contribute to the positive use of free time in which you strengthen your social ties and expand your network of acquaintances as well.

8- Learn more about what interests you

You can use your free time to learn more about anything that piques your curiosity. It could be just a hobby, or maybe an exciting science topic, technical skill, or something you just learned about that piqued your interest. Take some time now to identify this thing that interests you, and start searching for it, whether through books or on the Internet, to learn more about it, and you will end up with new experience and information added to your knowledge and help you develop more of yourself.

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9- Arrange your thoughts and set your goals

If you are someone who loves to set goals and achieve them, then there is nothing better than making the best use of your free time. Get a notebook and start writing down some goals that you would like to achieve now and in the future.

Set easy goals first, then goals that seem almost impossible at the moment, then organize your thoughts and develop a clear plan for how to achieve these goals. Set long-term and short-term goals, goals you want to achieve in the next week and month, and goals you want to achieve in the coming years.

After that, you can use the free time to follow up on these plans and goals continuously, what have you already achieved and what prevented you from achieving a goal and what you need in the coming period to continue achieving your goals that you set.

10- Register for online courses

If you want to increase your knowledge in a particular area, but don’t want to leave home to do so, do a quick search for online courses on a specific topic that you want to learn more about. You can browse the Forsa website and choose from hundreds of free or paid online courses.

Find out more activities that you can do from home to fill your spare time .

11- Entertain yourself

yes! You can use your free time for entertainment as well, we are human beings after all, and life is not just about working, learning and studying… 

We all need to take a time out from time to time to entertain ourselves, and do activities that satisfy ourselves, whether this activity is shopping in the stores, browsing social media, watching a movie we have always wanted to see, or even just sitting back and relaxing and doing nothing .

You don’t always have to look for something useful to spend your free time with, sometimes doing your favorite thing and staying in your comfort zone for a while has a positive effect on you and your mental health and prepares you to practice your work later with your full energy. 

Whatever you enjoy doing and find relaxing, do it and don’t worry about the other pressing demands of the day for now.

12- Explore your city

One of the most productive ways to spend your free time is to visit some of the famous tourist attractions in your city that you have never visited before. Not only will this method help you pass the time and get rid of boredom, but you will also learn a lot about your city and its tourist and historical features.

Really exploring where you live will help you fall in love with it. You can choose to go on this little adventure alone or even with your friends. And don’t forget to charge your phone to take pictures and document these wonderful spontaneous trips!

13- Start a blog about something you are interested in doing

In today’s technological era, there are a large number of people all over the world who use their free time to create blogs and create content for them. Your blog can be about anything that interests you, be it cooking, sports, movies, social issues, or even the supernatural.

Regardless of the nature of your interests, or how unconventional your blog is, if you make sure to provide interesting, attractive and useful content to your readers and make your blog interesting, you will attract a large number of people, and with time you will find that your blog has become an essential part of your day, and not just an activity to spend time Void. If you end up hooked on this activity, you can choose to continue with it as your source of income.

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14. Watch a movie that gets great reviews

When you have some free time, one of the most productive things that you can do is watch a movie that has got several good reviews. Watching movies is not just an activity to kill time, it can be an effective way to give you some positive values ​​in your life, and sometimes even learn new languages.

You don’t have to go to the cinema to watch the movie, you can watch it online from the comfort of your home. Watching movies is a popular way for most people to spend their free time, but make sure you choose useful and interesting films, so that they can be a source of enrichment for you.

Here are some lists of movies that watching them will expand your perceptions, enrich your knowledge, and give you a new perspective on life around you:

15- Spend some time taking care of yourself

There is no doubt that looking good is one of the important factors for gaining self-confidence and attracting everyone’s attention. So, one of the best ways to spend your free time is to set aside a day to pamper and take care of yourself.

This could be visiting a relaxing spa, getting a massage or going to the barbershop to get a new look for your hair! You can also go shopping and buy new clothes and shoes, or spend the day ironing your clothes and polishing your shoes.

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